IN MEMORIAM, Richard 'Sinc' Sincovec, 1970-2012. This site, Quux Software, and SincpacC3D were created by Sinc over the course of C3D2007-C3D2013. Sadly he departed this world in December, 2012, but I have vowed to carry on development and support, in his honor, for as long as Civil3D is being created. We will greatly miss Sinc's invaluable insight and teaching abilities.
- Jeff Mishler

Quux Software is the home of the Sincpac-C3D™, the premier generic toolset extension for Autodesk Civil® and Civil 3D® software.  Now in its thirteenth year of development, the Sincpac-C3D is a great compliment to the built-in features of Civil 3D.

The Sincpac C3D adds more than 200 general commands and features, and has often been likened to "Express Tools for Civil 3D".  For many users, the Sincpac C3D will pay for itself within the first few days of use, or even within the first few hours of use!

Try a free 28-Day Trial of the Sincpac C3D!

All features and tools in the Sincpac C3D are designed entirely for use in Autodesk Civil 3D® 2008-2023 software (or Autodesk Civil® 2009 or 2010), and all commands work on default Civil 3D entities. Since no custom objects are involved, your drawings may be shared freely with people who do not have the Sincpac C3D.

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And we're still just beginning!