Sincpac-C3D Pricing

NOTE: All pricing shown hereon is in US Dollars. Please adjust accordingly for any conversion rates for your locale.
Number of Seats Any One Module Any Two Modules Full Edition
1 $175 $285 $350
2-4 $150 $245 $300
5-9 $125 $205 $250
10-14 $112.50 $185 $225
15-19 $95 $155 $190
20-24 $82.50 $135 $165
25-29 $72.50 $120 $145
30-39 $65 $105 $130
40-49 $57.50 $92.50 $115
50+ $50 $80 $100

Sincpac-C3D Upgrade Policy

With Quux Software's licensing system, your license will activate all updates released for one year from your purchase date.  At the end of one year, the version you have installed at that time will continue to work indefinitely.  However, you will not be able to install and use updates released after your license expires, unless you purchase an upgrade for your software.

The price for an upgrade is based on how long it has been since your previous purchase:

Years since Purchase (or previous upgrade) Discount from Full Retail
1 80%
2 60%
More than 2 50%

With this pricing scheme, you would receive an 80% discount from the full purchase price if you upgrade each year.  For example, if we assume that prices in general do not change and the full price for a single license remains at $350, then upgrading your license next year would cost $70.  Should you skip a year, upgrading would then cost $140.  No matter how much longer you wait, however, as a previous customer, you will always be able to renew your license for an additional year for no more than 50% of the purchase price of a new license.  These prices are an example only, based on the current prices. And while the base price of the product is subject to change, the 80%-50% upgrade policy will remain in effect.

Note that there is no deadline for purchasing an upgrade; however, purchasing an upgrade does not reset your Anniversary Date.  In other words, say you purchase a license to the Sincpac C3D on August 1, 2009.  August 1 is now your "Anniversary Date".  Your key will activate all upgrades released for a period of one year, until August 1, 2010.  In order to use any updates released after August 1, 2010, you would need to purchase an upgrade.  However, you do not need to purchase that upgrade before August 1 - you can wait.  The latest version released before August 1, 2010 will continue to work; you just will not be able to use any newer versions until you purchase an upgrade.  Let's say you wait until April of 2011 to purchase the upgrade.  Since it has been less than one year since your subscription expired, you will receive this upgrade for 80% off the full price.  However, the new key will only work until your Anniversary Date, on August 1, 2011.  This does not apply if you wait longer than 2 years, and pay 50% to renew your license.  If you pay 50% to renew your license, this will also reset your Anniversary Date, and you will have a full year from that date before you need to purchase another renewal.

The net goal of this policy is to encourage our customers to upgrade on an annual basis, but not force an upgrade at an inconvenient time.  Essentially, it is much like Autodesk's subscription policy, except we allow our customers to drop their "subscription" at any time, and get back "up to date" at any time without an additional penalty.

And if you wish, we can automatically bill you annually before your Anniversary Date arrives, so you will always be able to download the latest upgrades without interruption.  Simply contact us to setup the auto-bill option.

NOTE: All pricing shown hereon is in US Dollars. Please adjust accordingly for any conversion rates for your locale.